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The Japanese discover Alt. Worship - Greek wedding style!

14 December, 2002 8:45 AM

Was just channel surfing on the old TV - saw a little report from Japan about a new restaurant that is doing booming business. Its normal except for one aspect - after the meal those eating can pay an extra 5 yen (just a few cents) to go out the back of the shop and smash their plate. These normally well behaved and quiet Japanese restaurant patrons are given a marker to write whatever the plate represents before they smash it. Quite a liberating process if the restaurants success is anything to go by!

Sounds like a crazy combination of a Greek Wedding meets alternative worship experience - maybe we should try it this week at church....I can just envisage our congregations all lining up to piff the communion glasses and plates (complete with names of annoying friends, family and workmates) into the baptistry!

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