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The Introvert Coach

24 January, 2004 11:43 AM

Some might remember me linking up a couple of weeks back to a great little article entitled Marketing to Introverts. Its got some great advice for people not only marketing to introverts but also living and working with them.

Since linking up I've had contact with the author of the article, Nancy R. Fenn.

Nancy is the owner of another site that might be of interest to both introverts and those trying to 'work them out' - her site is the Introvert Coach. It has a great collection of articles and resources well worth checking out on Introvertism (is there such a thing!?)

Check out some of the following links on the site

- Introverts and Dating
- Introverted Children
- The 8 types of Introverts
- 10 ways Jackie Kennedy was the perfect Introvert
- Successful Group or TeamWork with Introverts
- Introverts: Sell Yourself First!



the only thing i don't like about all of this is the sense that introversion is some 'barrier' to be overcome or dealt with or worked around...

i guess that reflects the world's rewarding extroversion...

eddie » 25 January, 2004 6:19 PM

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