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The Door

10 February, 2003 7:13 PM

Check out this thought provoking parable - The Door by Dan from Signposts. Its excellent stuff - do your self a favour and have a read. Here's a taster....

It is difficult for those who are inside. The only way they have ever entered the church is through the door. They have been using doors their whole lives and never had a single problem with them. Many of them refuse to believe that it is the door that is the problem. How can something which has been perfectly serviceable for generations now be a barrier?! It doesn't make sense.

If only there were some other way to enter. If only the windows were left open, if an underground tunnel were connected, if a skylight were easily accessible or if there was some other way to get into that building. If only a great ragged and dirty hole were cut in the side of the church for people to crawl through.

Some of the people outside have been searching for another way in. Some have had themselves shot from cannons and dropped from balloons to try to get in, but have missed the building altogether and landed somewhere else that they never intended to go.

UPDATE - Dan is already causing controversy - The Barrister seems to have read it differently to the way Dan wrote it - I guess thats Parables for you - Dan responds here.

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