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The Bible is Innerant?

23 May, 2004 1:46 PM

Anita is wanting to have some discussion over what we mean by 'the Bible is inerrant'. Head over and have your say.



My belief on the innerancy of the Bible goes like this: God wished to communicate a message to the world. God did so by speaking through the writers of the 66 books which we call collectively the Bible. Since God cannot lie I believe those books contained only truth. The translation we have today you ask? Assuming that God wanted his message to go out into all the world for more than a hundred years or so, I believe that God has been working through the human translators of history and today. Some translations can be discerned as not from God for various reasons, but if the Spirit dwells within someone then that Spirit will lead them to one of the many, good, modern day translations of His word. So then, believing that Gods word started out as truth and that God kept it that way, we can say that the Bible is still Gods truth for us. Truth of course implies an absence of error and thus it is what we call 'innerant'.

All of this is based upon a belief that God is good, and that He wants to communicate that goodness to us. I know there is much more schollastically that can be discussed, but for me that is all it comes down to.

Dwayne Forehand » 27 May, 2004 4:36 AM

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