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Sunday Stroll

13 July, 2003 1:50 PM

Its a beautiful Sunny Sunday today in Melbourne. V went out to have breakfast with a friend so I decided to take my new digital camera for a stroll through the suburb I live in (North Fitzroy) to see what 'normal people' do on a Sunday morning in this part of the world. Church attendance in this part of our city is very low per capita so something else must be occupying people. Where did I find people?
park.jpg - At the park - at the end of our street is a beautiful park called Edinbrough gardens. It is quite large and incorporates numerous playing fields (ovals), a bowls club, tennis courts and a football oval. People were out in force walking their dogs, laying in the sun, doing Tia Chi, having juggling workshops, watching their kids play sport, practicing dancing (not exactly sure what this group was doing, but it could have been Russian Cossack dancing), watching their kids play on the playground and throwing Frisbees.

- Gardening - a lot of people were in their front gardens. I've noticed lately more and more people planting vegetable gardens not only in their back yards but also out front. A number of families were working together on their vege patches.latte2.jpg

- Cafes - by far the biggest concentration of people were in the local strip of cafes. I couldn't resist the urge myself for a latte and was lucky to be able to even find a seat in my favourite cafe (Tin Pot Cafe). There were alot of families, large groups of young adults and individuals out for brunch. The vibe was fun, relational, celebratory and rich.

church.jpg - Church - on my travels I passed three churches of different denominations. I popped my head into two services and passed the other just as people were leaving. It was interesting to see who was in attendance. In general, each of the congregations was made up a small group of elderly people. I saw very few families or young adults in any service.

In a previous post, The Rhythm Method of Mission I talked about how I've been watching the natural rhythms of our neighbourhood as I think about what natural and relevant mission might look like. I think Sunday mornings might be a good starting point - but perhaps not based in a traditional church building.



No photo of 'V' ?

Jack » 13 July, 2003 7:34 PM

Ummmm, you seem to have bought a broken camera, 2 out of three pics see to be really leaning to the right.

Hamish » 14 July, 2003 5:02 PM

No.. they were trying to balance out his politcal leaning. ;)

Regan » 15 July, 2003 9:53 PM

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