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Sunday Rant

22 June, 2003 2:26 PM

I know I mentioned this post in my last one but Randall Friesen is spot on the money with his post on HP.

I like this little bit: 'The closed spiritual skies over peoples lives have been opened wide, God is at work, calling speaking, moving. We've been praying for a greater hunger and thirst in the world, haven't we? But when God pulls the lid off our spiritual eyes, it turns into open season on what people move toward. All things spiritual are released and men and women's hearts are just hungry enough to look for answers in ALL the places, right or wrong.'

I cannot remember the amount of prayer meetings I've been in over the years where people have prayed that God would move in our nation and around the globe - that people would have their eyes opened to the spiritual, to God. I've seen people cry, jump up and down, make weird noises and do other bizarre things as they pray for 'revival'.

In recent years I've noticed that a lot of my non churchy friends have begun to explore 'spiritual things', that our society is also fascinated with it, the spiritual/mysterious is in the TV shows and movies being watched, the books being read, shopping way people are exploring their health and in the conversations that they have. Here in Melbourne the 'Mind, Body and Spirit' festival is one of the best attended exhibitions of the year and New Age festivals, Yoga classes, meditation groups etc are springing up all over the city.

People of all ages are searching - they want to dialogue - they are willing to make sacrifices to connect with what is 'out there'.

What an opportunity we have to join people in their spiritual searching and to share our stories and hear theirs. Yet what do we do? We condemn their activities as of Satanic, we withdraw from any activity that we don't understand or that looks suspect and in the process we ostracise ourselves from the people who we are called to love.

It reminds me of this true story that I wrote a while back that still makes my stomach churn today.

I don't understand why we continue to gather together in our little 'holy huddles' praying that God would do something in our world when its so obvious that he's already out there doing it and waiting for us to join him!

Yes - On this Sunday God is at the New Age festivals wooing people to him, God is in the pubs and cafes where people are discussing their latest philosophical ideas whispering in their ears and God holding the millions of children in his arms as they read Harry Potter stimulating their ideas and intriguing them with the wonders of life.

The question is - Where are us Christians on this Sunday and what are we doing?

I'm going to the pub.....



Get to church now Darren!...

hamo » 22 June, 2003 6:19 PM

this morning: i'm off to church, where i will be making people feel welcome, not ostracized (read your other "extreme" story), and where I will be watching for what God is doing in their lives so that we can join Him, as you've rightly said. then, after that we're going to someone's home to swim and watch a video, wrapping up a seminar we've been doing since january, hopefully challenging each other to press on in what God's shown us, taking that to the world around us...

but isn't there a balance in all this? yes, people are looking, and we can be intentional about sharing what we've found. but we lose some of our light and saltiness if we water down our truth, or compromise in some way the life that God is offering to each of us....

rick » 22 June, 2003 9:22 PM

I think the issue is that of all 'the salt' hanging out with other salt, or the light doing its thing in an already lit room. Salt is only valuable where the flavour is absent and light only valuable in the dark. That doesn't mean we shouldn't 'meet' - but the point is that (in Oz at least) 'they' aren't going to come to our holy meetings.

hamo » 22 June, 2003 11:13 PM

This Christian was WORKING today... full day, 8.30 to 6pm! Arrgh!

irene » 23 June, 2003 1:00 AM

Does hamo think they SHOULD be coming to our 'holy' meetings? Jesus went to where the non-Jews were... I'm with you, Darren. It's a relief to find someone thinking along exact-same lines!

Penny » 23 June, 2003 3:01 AM

Wait for me, I'm coming too...

Randall » 23 June, 2003 6:05 AM

Hey Darren

We need people to say this, and then say it again , and say it again; and we need people who meet people outside of the church - and make friends without agenda.

Thanks for saying it, Cheers Steve

Steve » 23 June, 2003 10:32 AM

any time randall...i'll give you more notice next time though - I suspect you might need at least 24 hours to get here.

Darren » 23 June, 2003 1:13 PM

Absolutely Penny!! Tweak the music, improve the preaching, get some real coffee and the church will start to become what it has the potential to be - then they will come... and if they don't we just need to try harder...

hamo » 23 June, 2003 4:37 PM

Maybe we should tweak our focus--we're not called to *go to* church so much as we called to *be* the church.

debi » 23 June, 2003 9:40 PM

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