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19 January, 2003 12:26 PM

Tonights service at DCCC continues the theme of 'Where is God on Monday?' Its been interesting to hear over the month the stories of different members of our congregations share where and how they experience and sense God during their week. I've personally found it very refreshing and just as stimulating, if not more than the preaching that we normally hear from the 'experts' week to week. (including my own preaching!) Its great stuff.

Tonight we are taking a break from the story telling and I'm giving people some space to think about the year ahead. They'll receive a sheet with a blank timetable of their week on it. They'll then plot the things that they generally do in a normal week and then spend time reflecting upon where they expect to experience God in it. I guess the challenge is to realise that God is there 24/7 - and we need to learn to tune in and be more open to experiencing and being under his direction in the 'normal' things of life and not just on our 'Sunday worship experiences', mid week small groups or the times we set aside specifically to pray.

One of the books I've found helpful in thinking this through with a small group is Tom and Christine Sine's Living on Purpose. I'm looking forward to meeting and learning from them in person in a couple of weeks time as I do an intensive subject with them at college.

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