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Suicidal Church

8 January, 2003 9:58 AM

Melbourne Paper The Age has this article today about a New book thats just been released by Dr Caroline Miley called The Suicidal Church.

It says the church is timid, institutionalised, racist, sexist, homophobic, and impedes the message of the Gospel. The book argues that the church has to take risks, be willing to offend, offer unconditional love and acceptance and, above all, strip away the institutional trappings that allow timid Christians to shelter inside and avoid their biblical responsibilities.

Miley says when interviewd by the Age; "The discrepancy between what the church is like and what the gospels are like is really the cause of the book. The gospels are about empowerment, and the church is frightfully disempowering; the gospels are about love and acceptance, and the church is not accepting. It's mediocre and drab. I realised it was the culture of the church - it was basically English 19th century middle-class culture. You know, don't talk about sex, it's not nice."

Looks like an interesting book - I'm sure it'll create some debate here in Melbourne.

(I have the article saved as a word document if the link at The Age doesn't last long - just email me for it)

Thanks Cam and Diddle for putting me onto this article



Hello, Darren. I found this site while "ego-surfing" the web. Thanks for the nice mention of my book. Like your site. Hope you liked the book. Good luck with your interesting ministry!

Best wishes


caroline miley » 7 May, 2003 6:04 PM

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