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Study in contrasts - Isaiah 25-26

17 March, 2003 3:06 PM

Isaiah 25:1-5 is a great study in contrasts of Gods ways towards different groups.

God turns mighty cities into ruins, strong walled cities into rubble, beautiful palaces disappear.

On the other hand the poor find a refuge in the storm in God, the needy in distress are sheltered in the rain and heat.

I love the imagery of Isaiah 25:6-10 also where we see a 'wonderful feast for everyone around the world' depicted.

What a picture of hope it is - what an inspiration at the type of life we should be aiming to live and usher in for those around us. 'elicious and good food, well aged wine, choice beef. Death swallowed up forever, all tears wiped away, no more insults and mockery.'

Its no wonder that the people will sing the song of Isaiah 26!

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