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Street Evangelism Madrid Style

6 September, 2003 10:16 PM

Spent the morning wandering the streets of Madrid today before we head off to London tomorrow. While I waited to meet up with V (shopping :-) I witnessed three groups of people doing street evangelism in 5 minutes. I�m always somewhat drawn to people doing it to see their approach....I�m not sure why, I personally struggle with the �cold call� approach and would rather build relationships with people in the places I naturally live and relate in.... however I still am interested in others approaches.

The first couple I watched were walking down the street chanting while holding signs. Their signs and chanting were in Spanish so I didn�t get the full gist of it but I did recognise the words �SIN� and �JESUS� on the sign.

The second group was similar. As they walked one held a sign (again with the word �SIN� clearly visable while the other played a harmonica (mouth organ) through a megaphone.

The third group (6 people) had signs hung around their neck each with a different part of John 3:16 on them. They were attempting (unsuccessfully) to get those passing by to arrange them in the correct order. It reminded me of a memory verse game we used to play in Sunday School as children.

I am not in a position to judge these different approaches, partly because my Spanish doesn�t go past saying �hello�and �thankyou�and partly because I only saw 30 seconds of each group, however I wonder what the result of their time is and what other approaches people take around the world?

here are some of my photos from our visit to the Museo Nacional Del Prado here in Madrid.



To me the approach using signs seems a little silly. It doesn't strike me as much different from trying to witness by plastering a bumpersticker on your car...it just doesn't get the message across.

If people are going to do street evangelism, then something I think would be wonderful is to see them simply going out, getting on some sort of a platform, and preaching. In other words, I think street preaching is a better idea than street evangelism.

After all, it worked for Whitefield.

Pieter Friedrich » 7 September, 2003 3:45 AM

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