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Stormy Times

24 February, 2003 7:23 PM

Was reading through Acts 27 this afternoon and thinking about the situation that Paul found himself in on a boat in a violent storm that lasted 14 days. The chaos of that situation must have been amazing. There was almost a mutiny, people couldn't bring themselves to eat and they must have lost hope of survival.

Yet Paul was able to influence and even lead in the situation despite him being a prisoner and therefore relatively powerless.

Made me think of the times we are living in - some days when I watch the news or look at the paper it seems like the violent storm we find ourselves in is almost overwhelming. The gloomy skies of war, poverty, terrorism and the rampant fear that so many have - life is chaotic. Its easy to get swept along with it all, to be overwhelmed and to loose hope.

Our world needs 'Pauls' right now. People willing to stand firm on the rocking boat. People that can make some sense of the situation and point to solutions. People that are able to encourage the world to move onwards and to have hope and people willing to help people catch glimpses of a God who desires to bring life.



Very reflective indeed! I concurr, much of what is happening is like being in a storm tossed ship. It makes me think also of Isaiah 54:11 and Psalm 107:23-29 both speak of God's deliverance from the storms of our lives. I especially love the imagery of Psalm 107 which, in the NKJV actually says that the people were "at their wits end". But, God "calms the storm so that the waves are still" then the people "are glad because they are quiet" and God "guides them to their desired haven". That really speaks mightily to me today!! Thanks for the leading into this mediation!

Rich » 25 February, 2003 4:10 AM

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