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Soul Survivor 05

16 January, 2005 10:34 AM

Have been doing some teaching down at Soul Survivor this weekend and having a good time meeting some pretty passionate young people.

Yesterday we did a session called 'Spiritual Fitness Test 1' today I'm heading back down for part 2.

If you've surfed in from Soul Survivor welcome to my little blog. Some of the pages that you might like to check out that related to my sessions on 'Spiritual Fitness' include:

- Journey Resources
- Living Room Core Journeys

You might also like to check out a series of posts that I did on developing a 'holistic spirituality'. That series gives a bit of a different framework for thinking about your spirituality than what I gave you at Soul Survivor this weekend - but its got a similar vibe to it.

Feel free to say hi below in the comments section - happy for your feedback and comments on the sessions as I'm always looking to improve them. Thanks for stopping by.



Hey Darren,
My band, Rivertribe, performed at Soul Survivor on Friday- had a great time! (just posted a photo i took on stage on my blog) I wish i had known that you were teaching there- i would have stuck around to hear you. i will try to get to liquid in Feb.


rivertribemike » 17 January, 2005 9:05 AM

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