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Size doesn't matter...its what you do with it that counts!

16 May, 2003 9:50 AM

Size doesn't matter...its what you do with it that counts!

Last night I was reading our state denominational magazine/paper and noticed an article and an advertisement for a conference, both focusing upon Large Churches. The article, entitled 'In Celebration of the Large Church: Part 1 (written by our denominations president who is senior minister of one of our largest churches) lists four ways that large churches can help the whole denomination family.

His four points were

1. Large churches can afford to risk and fail. (so they should take more risks and we can all learn from their lessons)
2. Large churches can lift moral. (of other churches around them)
3. Large churches can be 'used'. (under this he talked about how often families utilise such churches youth programs when in times of need)
4. Large churches can put the denomination on the community map.

I found the article interesting and look forward to the second instalment. I appreciate his statement also that he doesn't want to exclude smaller churches....however I wonder if there might be a follow up article on what small churches can offer the denomination? As I've written previously, I think that there is a place for churches of many shapes and sizes in the world we find ourselves in at the moment. There are strengths and weaknesses that are unique to the full spectrum of sizes of congregations.

I explored some of these in a book review I wrote last year which is published here. It was interesting to see the variety of comments that the review generated - the debate is still going months after it was posted.

Anyway, if you were to write a follow up article looking at what small churches have to offer, what would your points be???



Thanks for reminding me of the Phuture discussion... our dear friend had posted a new response after two months which was delightful in getting me awake and seething on a sleepy Friday morning!

Appreciating, liking, and believing in small ro big churches - Don't have a problem with that. Personal choice. But having the arrogance to believe your model is right to the exclusion of all others makes me feel very ill - and is thus a reminder to make sure I don't do the same...

Eddie » 16 May, 2003 11:14 AM

Of all the comments, I think that only the one about risking and failing has any validity. We all need to "risk" regardless of size. And as for raising denominational profile...words fail me.
Personally, I'm at home in a small group and would be most uncomfortable in a large church. Others are different and thta's fine by me.

Jan » 16 May, 2003 3:42 PM

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