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27 July, 2005 11:30 PM

Tonight at LivingRoom we continued to share our 'time lines'. It was V and my turn to share the significant moments of our lives with the group.

It's an interesting idea to walk through your life and to share the highs, lows, epiphanies and lessons from life. In doing so you revisit moments you'd put aside, confront patterns in behavior and hear others reflect back to you what they notice about your sharing.

It's also a real privilege to hear others stories and have your own heard.

It makes me realize just how little in our world people actually take time to stop and listen to the stories of others. It's a real honor to be heard like that - but also unusual and at times an uncomfortable experience - something I'm not used to in a sense. In a world of small talk to share deeply about your own life can at times be something we find ourself out of practice of.

Maybe it's just a male thing, maybe it's a minister thing (we tend to get good at asking others questions and avoid revealing much of our own lives) or maybe it's just a human thing for the time and place we live. Whatever it is it felt good to break through it a little tonight.



yes I agree with you D....i did the same thing in the other LR group, and found it really enjoyable!

Kitty » 27 July, 2005 11:49 PM

So, are you going to leave us hanging? Are you going to share your testimony?

FMF » 28 July, 2005 2:24 AM

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