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Sermon on the Mount Mtt 5: 17-30

26 November, 2003 8:21 AM

We had another great discussion last night on the Sermon on the Mount. I think we are all challenged by the way Jesus spoke in this passage. His call goes beyond the way Christianity is so often presented.

Sometimes I wonder if we water down the gospel for today and gloss over some of his central teaching.

Can't talk too much at the moment as I'm off to a day of important meetings - would value your prayers today. Big decisions to be made (not Living Room related) - might be able to share more soon.

By the way - thanks for your questions a couple of posts back - I am looking forward to answering them - feel free to add more!



I agree, this is a great passage to look at. I find it amazing how many people read such words of Jesus as just a 'nice ideal', or a great philosophy but do not attempt to live it out or see it as a possible way to live.

Perhaps the emerging church needs to take more seriously the radical call of Jesus - relook at some of these words and apply them for today

» 26 November, 2003 1:38 PM

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