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Secret Mens Business

11 June, 2003 10:12 AM

In the paper on Sunday I came across this amazing article about a Men's Conversation Club here in my local area.

The club is called 'Reclaim the Pants' and its 'a men's group that meets once a month for a beer, a parmigiana and inconsequential conversation.'

Here is a snippet:

'Getting together to chat is something women have done successfully for years, they say. Now, the men are relishing a chance to meet and talk purely for the fun of it.

"All talk and no action" is one of the mottos of the group that pretends to take itself seriously but doesn't. There is certainly no power talk here.

"It's just five hours of uninterrupted crap talking," says founder Stuart McArthur. "The four topics of conversation, pretty much exclusively, are conspiracy theories, ridiculous money-making schemes, sport and whether Benny Hill was funnier than the Three Stooges."

The group has grown rapidly, through a website and a neighbourhood of local men who had enviously eyed their wives and partners, who seemed to have ample opportunities to meet and talk.'

It sounds like a fun group and something I'd like to check out sometime. I think its definitely something that many guys don't do enough of...ie talking ...about life....about anything!

Only problem is, I can't find the website referred to! There is a free coffee to the first person who can find it for me! (NB: coffee is to be claimed in Melbourne!)

UPDATE their site is: http://www.reclaimthepants.250x.com/

Thanks to Chris for the link.



Darren the link to my site is wrong. It's http://thegreenman.net.au

you've inadvertently got your own url on the front of it.

chris » 12 June, 2003 1:44 PM

Interesting... men have always complained about women getting together and 'gossipping'... now they want to have a hand at it themselves. I can just see all the women giving the men a hard time over this. hahahahahah

irene » 12 June, 2003 6:41 PM

They have complained Irene and I wonder if, deep down, part of the complaint was born of envy. In a tribal context hunting groups of men had the time to talk and share with one another, similarly in an agrarian situation opportunities existed for men to talk with one another and share the burdens of their work. This is largely lost in our current industrial and post-industrial work contexts.

Many men in our society are suffering almost total emotional and social isolation. In starting this group Stuart McArthur is providing something that is precious for these men and, in our society, quite rare.

chris » 13 June, 2003 8:30 AM

I'm trying to track down the Reclaim the Pants site but if it means emigrating to the US (which is where the link gets me), I'm less than exited- Is there another way of contacting this large but elusive group?

Wayne » 9 July, 2003 12:06 PM

it never used to do that.

if you email me at darren@phuture.org I will give you the guy in charge's email address so you can track them down.

Darren » 9 July, 2003 12:19 PM

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