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Seasons Grind?

20 December, 2002 2:08 PM

Does anyone else find it difficult to come up with fresh ways of communicating some of the 'annual' gospel topics?

I'm not trying to be controversial, just honest - Every year I wrestle with the Christmas messages that I am asked to prepare for in my preaching. Its not that the story is boring or has not connecting points for the culture we live in - rather I sometimes feel the pressure to come up with some creative, new way of presenting it.

Christmas services at DCCC get some of the biggest turn outs for the year. As I gaze down on the congregation this week I know that I'll be speaking to hundreds of people, each of whom will have heard the 'age old message' tens, if not hundreds of times!

The agendas of those sitting in the pews will be varied

- Some will be out on their annual pilgrimage to get their once a year 'hit' of Christ. They are their to catch the 'spirit of Christmas' - not really to hear me talk, but rather to connect with other 'annual pilgrims' and to sing Carols.

- Others will have been dragged along by our more regular attenders. The 'Draggers' will be hoping that something in my words will help their backslidden children, friends or neighbors to 'see the light'. The 'Draggees' will be looking for the first opportunity for escape from the bizarre wonderland they've found themselves in.

Throw into the mix the normal collection of weekly attendees who between them want everything from modern day parables, to 6 point exegesis's, to postmodern powerpoint presentations and sermons relevant to everyone from the ages of 3 to 99!

Ok, so I'm making myself sick - the hyperventilation has begun....

Christmas a time for family, friends, fun, reflection, giving and peace - I wonder how many other preachers are out there rocking in the fetal position this week?

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