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Running the Race

6 October, 2003 12:13 AM

Imagine running for 24,800 miles over 7 years in nothing more than a handmade sandals and robe! Why? Surely there must be a sponsorship with Nike involved, maybe a movie deal or some sort of big financial incentive?!

Not so for Genshin Fujinam, a 44 year old Buddhist monk from Japan who has just completed his 7 year ancient path to enlightenment which not only includes thousands of miles walking and running, but also an incredible amount of prayer, meditation and fasting along the way.

Did I mention that any monk who starts such a journey but fails to complete it, must die by his own hands by hanging or disemboweling himself?

Suddenly getting up in the morning for a 15 minute quiet time doesn't seem to onerous!

Read more of this amazing feat here, here and here.



Hanging looks like a much better choice than disembowelment to me.

Darryl » 6 October, 2003 4:52 AM

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