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Reflecting on James

24 May, 2004 11:59 AM

I had an email from a new reader asking about what I thought about a recent session that some of us had with James Thwaites last month. They asked how what he had to say resonated with where LivingRoom is currently at. I thought I'd share part of my reply to his question.

A number of things about James Thwaites message spoke to us:
1. His main thrust was about living out faith in the everyday places where we live, of family, workplace etc. This is something we are very keen on. In a sense we have reprioritized what we do to try to incorporate this. We have a lot less focus on our weekly gathering together for worship than many churches. It is still important for us, but so is the other 97% of our lives and so a lot of what we do tries to focus upon the rest of life.

2. His ideas on 'what is at the centre' of a church were interesting. Often we tend to put the 'worship gathering' and or 'the leader' at the centre rather than God. We're grappling with this and are working towards an egalitarian style leadership. Whilst I'm 'the leader' at the moment, I work hard to let others take initiative, lead and live our their God given gifts and abilities. I try to foster an environment for the life of Jesus to be experienced, lived out and passed on rather than to dominate the group with me and what I want to do.

By no means have we got these two things 'worked out'. Most of us come out of many years of church which were quite focused upon Sunday worship gatherings and a charismatic leadership being central - it takes time to re examine paradigms and discern what God is saying and as I say we're only 18 months into it.

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