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Radical Living

3 March, 2005 11:15 AM

Last night at LivingRoom Rob led us in a bible interaction. He got us into two groups which had the task of pulling apart and arguing either for or against the following quote from Geoffry Magrasse.

'We can only be radical if we start with God. We cannot get involved with all the political issues of today. What we've got to do is try and make the journey we are making as Christ would make it.'

One group had to argue for the quote and the other had to argue against it - but using Scripture as a primary source for their discussion.

The groups then came back together and shared what they'd discussed - listened to each other and then reflected back what they liked about what the other group had said.

The discussion was rich and took us in a range of directions. It tackled some big issues like Christians in mainstream politics, the politics of everyday living and questions like can 'we start with God' or does 'God start with us'? Discussion went late into the evening and I'd be doing the group a disservice by trying to sum it all up here.



I am in the middle of reading a terrific book on Michael Cassidy and African Enterprise which shares the story of 40 years of ministry in Africa. It has some really good stuff on how they have as a Christian orgamnisation impacted significantly on political issues in quite a few African countries during those years while maintaing a very powerful evangelism minstry. The book is called "African Adventure"

Geoff » 3 March, 2005 1:38 PM

hey darren,

i love the stuff you guys come up with to do with your group. we did the timeline exercise about a month ago and everyone loved it. where do you come up with stuff? do the people just come up with it?

we're going to do our first "spiritual journey" with one of our members this monday (where we follow them around to the places they go and pray for them). good stuff man keep it up.

lucas » 5 March, 2005 5:48 AM

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