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Quiet Day Reflections

20 November, 2003 3:11 PM

Today's quiet day went really well. We spent the morning alone in silent prayer and then the afternoon sharing our mornings with each other. Thanks to those who prayed for me today that I'd have a rich time - I did.

One of my colleagues started our morning off with a reflection using the metaphor of a 'river' to think about our lives. It launched me into a worthwhile couple of hours of contemplation.

I'm not going to share it all except that I felt led to Psalm 1 and found the imagery of the trees growing on the banks of the river to be a really encouraging and helpful image to think about where I am at and where the Living Room is also.

The passage talks about seasons of bearing fruit. This got me thinking about fruit trees. The amount of time in a year that they actually bear fruit isn't that great. The majority of the year is spent in preparation for the crop.

The sense I got from God today is that this past year has been a time of preparation for me and Living Room. Its been a time of putting down roots, of growing and forming. The fruit hasn't all come at once, but the work that we've been doing has been incredibly important for the season ahead.

A lot of what I sensed God saying today was about plugging into him - preparing for what is to come by building solid foundations etc. I'm not sure what is ahead for me and us as a group - but I am excited by the possibilities.



Most fruit trees take a couple of years to bear fruit to their full potential once planted. But once they get going, it's amazing what they can produce! I'm sure the same applies to LivingRoom. I look forward to hearing what develops as your roots deepen and branches spread.

Michelle » 20 November, 2003 3:54 PM

You would really laugh if you read my journal entries from my retreat last weekend, especially with regards to "trees" :-)

Paul » 21 November, 2003 11:01 AM

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