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Progressive Prayer Party

28 November, 2003 7:40 AM

I'm really intrigued and stimulated by a desription of a - Traveling Thanksgiving and church dedication show. It reminds me of a progressive dinner - but with a real focus upon prayer. Here is an excerpt:

'It was the Vine & Branches traveling Thanksgiving and church dedication show. Everyone made some kind of appetizer for all to eat. Eating is good. We started off at Matt's new place, hung out, ate, then prayed part one of the Evening prayer from the Common of the dedication of a church. So we blessed and dedicated Matt and his new place as an outpost of the Kingdom.'

They then went on to the next persons house and did the same thing.

Here is the prayer they prayed at each place:

'We, as a community of people drawn together in your Name, bless this house to be used as an outpost for your Kingdom here on earth. Give your grace to those who live in it, bless them, bless their guests, protect them from all evil, and fill these houses and these people with your Peace. In the name of the + Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.'

This is a great idea and something I'm looking forward to doing a version of next year! Thanks for sharing it Alan.

It reminds me of an idea we at Living Room have been toying with of visiting the workplace/university/school of each person in our group. To see and know more of where they spend most of their time - and where appropriate to pray for them there. I think this type of activity could be very empowering and moving.



Hi! I love your site, and I love Guy Sebastian. That travelling thanksgiving thing sounded so fun. I might do it next year. Visit my blog too!

Taylor » 28 November, 2003 5:34 PM

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