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8 December, 2002 7:21 PM

Just finished another Sunday - it was good. Tonight I spoke about the Kingdom of God. We did some interactive discussion and then I rambled on for a bit. I felt it went ok, although I continue to wonder about the vast amount of time and energy that I put into the production of a service. Someone once said (think it was in a class earlier in the year)

"The average human being spend less than 3% of their awake hours in church services - why then do we as churches put 90% of our own and volunteers time into them?"

Ok so they actually said it better than that - but you get the point. When you add all the hours of preparation that are put into a service from musicians, tech people, speakers, set up etc.... What would be the effect if that time was channelled into something else? For example if that energy was focused upon cleaning up a neighborhood, having meals with non churched friends, a breakfast program for unfed kids......

Don't get me wrong, I love when we get together to pray, worship, learn and just hang out - but I sometimes wonder if our priorities might be a bit out of wack.

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