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Prayer of the Vine.

3 August, 2003 4:53 PM

This afternoon I went to a 120th anniversary service of one of our local 'mother churches'. One of the prayers caught my attention - here is an excerpt:

'Like the vine dresser, your knowledge of us is deep and profound.
Our deep roots from which we gain nourishment,
Our history and culture that has been weathered and etched with this church's faith story,
Our new life and growth that is tender and fragile and yet full of promise.

Help us to remember that new fruit depends on old roots.
Help us to honour the fruit of the vintage tthat we once knew and teh fruit of the new vintage yet to be harvested.



120th anniversary... wow... and that is an awesome prayer. "New fruit depends on old roots" - I like it.

daviddave » 4 August, 2003 3:13 AM

That's a wonderful prayer. And fitting for my church as well, as we seek to bear new fruit from 180-year-old roots. Thank you for sharing it.

Lee Anne Millinger » 5 August, 2003 4:20 AM

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