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Postcards from the Corporate World

23 March, 2005 1:36 PM

Forge CatalystThose of your in Melbourne might be interested in this event being held on 7 April on Business and Spirituality. Check out the blurb below or click the picture to the left to download a short PDF with details.

Christianitys relationship with the business world seems to be tenuous at best. Christians who are not directly involved in some form of local church leadership often feel alienated and experience a profound sense of invalidation insofar as their church experience is concerned. It seems as though Christians who feel alive in business have no place in the church.

How do we move beyond this awkward relationship to a place where Christians in business are connected to their sense of vocation and calling, a sense that their activities in the business sphere could somehow intersect with Gods Kingdom agenda?

Postcards from the Corporate World
is a window into a chaordic network called Catalyst Innovations, a member network of the Forge Mission Training Network. Founded by Paul Steele, Col Duthie in conversation with Alan Hirsch, Catalyst seeks to create a supportive and creative environment that nurtures entrepreneurial business leadership that will hopefully lead to the redemption of one of the most influential spheres we experience, the business world.

Paul Steele and Stephen Said will facilitate the evening. Stephen will be introducing Catalyst, and describing the innovative relationship between Forge and Catalyst, including the entrepreneurial internship run in partnership with Forge. Paul will be facilitating a conversation around the notion of Transformational Business, one of the key concepts at the heart of the Catalyst Network, and a source of liberation for many Christians in business.

DATE: Thursday April 7 th
WHERE: Retro Cafe 413 Brunswick Street Fitzroy (upstairs)
TIME: 7.30pm - 9pm or come at 6.30pm for dinner (cafe prices) COST: $10 for students and $15 for workers
MORE INFO: Contact me



"It seems as though Christians who feel alive in business have no place in the church. "

Interesting quote. I guess it depends on your own experience. A church I was involved with for seven years was full of business people - CEO's, accountants, lawyers and the like - thus the church was run like a business.

And it was a total disaster. Leadership thought that their buisiness principles and ethics should/could translate into running a church. In the end they were left with a group of broken and hurt people that were seen as 'asset' rather than humans.

I like the idea of equipping our business people for mission in their context. It's what we strive for with all people in all contexts. As usual, the above quote is a massive over generalisation, but that aside, I think the role of Jesus' followers in the world ruled by the dollar is supremely challenging. A place to tread very carefully, but not run from.

Hope it goes well.

Storyteller » 23 March, 2005 10:49 PM

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