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Podcast about LivingRoom

30 March, 2006 3:12 PM

I spent 45 minutes on Skype this morning with Jon from the Matters of the Heart recording a podcast. The focus of it was LivingRoom and some of the basics of how we run, how we started and how I view other forms of church etc.

Listen to it at Fascinating Approach to Church - Australias Living Room Church (it goes for around 40 minutes - sorry about the echoey recording - might be my microphone).



I listened to this podcast yesterday driving back from York. It was really encouraging and helpful. A couple of things really struck me.

First was the laid back attitude - maybe this is an Oz thing and us Limeys are too het up, but it really helped to know that things were slow in starting up, that you felt quite lonely and the expectations of growth were small. Quality rather than quantity I guess!

What you said about music was both challenging and releasing. I am an ex-worship leader from a Pentecostal church which we left a few months ago to do something new. I felt so often whilst leading worship in that way that the focus is entirely wrong and it is not easy for folk to participate.

In the group that meets in our house - church I guess - we sing, but I'm not sure this is the right way to go. I know for some it's really hard to sing in a small group (some enjoy it), yet I would love to keep using my music... something to be worked out.

I loved the ideas for worship expression you mentioned and will think about these. I loved the 'lite' or low maintenance approach to Church. We have lots of non-christian friends and since leaving mainstream church we have had time to spend with them - we have had many conversations. I loved the rythmn or pattern of weekly meetings... all good.

Anyway, thanks for doing it, I loved it.

David » 27 April, 2006 7:04 PM

I�m an avid reader of your excellent Problogger.net blog, and just came across this site. You�re one of the most prolific bloggers I�ve come across � when do you sleep Darren?

Keep up the great work!


Brad (Mystery Method) » 11 June, 2006 4:14 PM

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