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Pictures of Hope - Isaiah 35

21 March, 2003 12:57 PM

Last night I was asked via email by one of the young people that I worked with a year or two back 'why is God allowing such violence to happen?' She is deeply affected by what she is seeing on the news 24/7 and is trying to make sense of it all, trying to 'find God' in the senseless violence she is witnessing.

The passage I read today in Isaiah 35 is a hopeful picture of flowers, singing joy, site for the blind, hearing for the deaf, leaping for the lame and words for the mute. There is water in the desert and a highway of holiness.

Restoration is at the heart of our God - however this is not the case in the passages around this one. Instead there is mass destruction and chaos which results from the selfishness, violence and greed of the people.

I suspect this is applyable to what we're seeing in our world today.

There are no easy answers to the questions of my young friend. All I could say to her was that restoration, wholeness, justice and peace are central to God's purposes. Without telling her what stance to take politically I encouraged her to hold onto these same purposes in a personal sense. As his people we must continue to pray for and practically work towards peace and justice in whatever ways we can.



It might also be useful for her to know that sin is the root of all violence and suffering. We have turned our backs against God and said we want nothing to do with him and so he gives us over to our sin. Unfortunately he also gives us over to the consequences of our sin a la Romans 1.

Karen » 26 March, 2003 11:44 AM

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