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Phuture Update

20 February, 2003 7:55 PM

I've added two new articles to Phuture - one from Dave Fagg entitled Prayer, Movements and Belief II and another by Darren Altclass entitled Doing it. Darrens article takes a look at Mission and challenges us to stop just thinking about it and start doing it.

There's also a new discussion forum asking why Phuture articles on worship and forms of Church are so popular and yet articles written on the topic of Mission have largely gone unnoticed!?

UPDATE - Again - if you would like to submit an article to Phuture that would engage people in thinking about issues of Church, worship, justice or mission in the age in which we live, please shoot me an email and we can talk about what scope such an article might have. I'm always looking for good articles - just let me know!



Because we would rather talk about doing it than actually go out and do it?

Mike Todd » 21 February, 2003 8:24 PM

It wouldn't surprise me at all if mission articles failed to seize hold of people's imaginations. To many people (including me), mission is a fairly violent and intrusive concept which often runs roughshod over other people's belief systems and life experiences.

The history of mission efforts by Christians is a mixed bag, but certainly contains shameful moments. It's no wonder people want to duck the issue, and focus instead on the more personal aspects of spirituality.

Beth » 21 February, 2003 8:24 PM

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