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Pentecost - Church Emerging

8 June, 2003 9:24 AM

Pentecost is here and I'm excited!

I'm looking forward to a great celebration with two other local churches this morning. I've just finished a practice run through my input and am feeling personally challenged by the message. (I almost went forward for Salvation in my own lounge room....but then who would have prayed for me as I knelt at the alter....I mean couch!?)

Seriously - I love Pentecost. What an amazing transformation of 120 pretty ordinary people, who must have been pretty confused and unsure of their future. They must have been somewhat overwhelmed by the last words of Jesus which laid before them a world wide mission! How could they possibly fulfil that!? What I love about it is that they go from being a church in hiding (locked away in some room) to being on the streets communicating the gospel in ways they never would have imagined previously! The before and after shot is an amazing study in contrasts.

I think this is a very important message for the church today. We too live in a crazy world - we too have a world wide mission given to us. This week I've been chatting to a number of church leaders around the globe, in New Zealand, Canada, America and the UK. One thing I notice is that we are all asking questions about Church and that a lot of the questions I suspect are pretty similar to the questions that Peter and the other 119 might have been asking as they gathered to pray that day.

Who are we? Where are we going? What does church look like in this changing world? How do we do mission? How do we communicate the gospel to our world when we don't speak its languages? Its amazing to see how so many of us are asking the same questions at the same time at all corners of the globe.

I come away from the first few chapters of Acts with real hope. We worship a God who is into transformation big time! God is interested in change and in bringing wholeness. He does it on an individual level (take a look at a before and after shot of Peter if you want proof), he does it on a communal level (check out Acts 2:42f) and he does it on a world wide level (that 120 people became 3120 in a day...and just look at the numbers today in 2003!). There is hope. In fact as I think about it, if there is one day in the year that us Emerging Church type people hold onto, learn from and celebrate the most — I reckon Pentecost should be it!

There is so much we can take from this passage, I feel like I've got about 3 or 4 sermons in me!

- This is a community of prayer, even before the fire and wind - this has to be key for us today!

- This is a group who see the importance of community, again even before Pentecost they are meeting together, they understand that God desires us to do faith together.

- This is a community that is willing to be moved, reshaped and refined. They are willing to let God move them, even in very sacrificial ways. Some of them sell all their possessions, others end up in international mission and others give up their lives. Are we willing to be moved by God? Are we willing to let him reshape us as individuals and as communities so that we can be better suited to serve him?

Ok - now I've 'warmed up' on you I'm going to go to church... Have a happy birthday Church!



Yes, but when you almost went forward to the couch, did you amost ask Darren into you heart?

Randall Friesen » 11 June, 2003 4:34 AM

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