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13 December, 2002 11:41 AM

Had email from Kerstin this morning with a question that made me stop and think for a few minutes. Was one of those very simple questions that actually makes you stop and evaluate what track you are on. She asked - "What made you passionate about reaching the "lost" generation of Australia?"

I answered: When I look around me in the streets of the inner city where I live and see a whole heap of young adults - most of whom would never set foot in a church. They are spiritual beings - very - searching for answers. But they see the church in Australia as totally irrelevant.

The demographics in Australian of church attendees show a Huge hole - 18-35's are missing.

I desire to make an impact upon this demographic. On a local level through our little community, but also on a national and global level through working with Dreamland/Phuture.

That's the brief answer. What about you? What are you passionate about???

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