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Our Weekend in Dromana

7 June, 2004 2:18 PM

We had a really nice time down at the beach at Dromana over the weekend. As I predicted in my last post most of what we did revolved around fun, food and relaxation. We got to one of the local wineries (yum) where one of our group has a sculpture he did exhibiting which was fun.

We spent most of Saturday night playing games which was fun. One of the games was 'Assassin' in which to win you have to lie through your teeth - I'm ashamed to say that I have the ability to suck my whole community in - Oh the guilt I feel! :-)

Sunday morning we spent two hours talking through some meaty issues of how we are traveling and where we are headed. It was great to hear the feedback of both new and old members of the group. All in all the feeling is that we're doing well in all of our areas but there is room for us to tweak a number of things.

We reshuffled our Renovare/Micro Groups to accommodate two new people that have recently joined us and also did a bit of planning in terms of some of the themes that we're going to look at between now and the end of the year (will share more on one of these soon). Also we began to think and pray about our future as a group in terms of sustainability and multiplication (birthing a new group/s). These discussions will continue over the next few weeks which will be exciting.

All in all it was a really positive time away.

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