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'New' Evangelism

1 May, 2003 5:19 PM

While I was away in Tassie last week I blogged this (although had no way of posting it without online access....so here it tis)

I logged onto the blog from the dodgy internet cafe today and had a very quick look a peek at what a few of my favourite bloggers were doing. I started at the top of my blog roll as I usually do with Rich who was blogging about new forms of evangelism. It's a really interesting topic — one that I've been thinking a lot about this holiday for some reason.

Darren and Corrie from Third Place communities (as blogged about previously here)told us of a missional experiment that they are doing as they do the Ignition course (which is selling well....get your copy here...sorry...shameless plug).

Anyway they have committed with another Christian couple to have a dinner party every Wednesday night for three months. It didn't sound like too lavish a deal (they keep it simple) but every week they invite at least two other people to eat with them. The people they invite are 'non churched types' — but people that they want to build relationships with. They don't invite the same people every week and they invite them over with no manipulative ulterior motives to bash their guests over the head with the gospel. It is a relationship building activity where they share their lives with one another and in the process live out the gospel.

To me this is evangelism — I'm not sure it's a 'new' approach as such — sounds like what my parents have been doing for thirty years actually — but I suspect this is a worthwhile approach to evangelism.



As you said Darren, the whole "new evangelism" thing is something I've been thinking a great deal about. And I'm not sure I can ever go back to doing church the old way again. It's the vary difference of "doing" church and "being" church that I'm walking into right now. I'm sure this is something that we will all be talking about for some time to come.

Btw, I'll have to check more into "ignition". I'm pretty inundated right now with stuff to do and read and see. But, it might come in handy as a future resource. :)

Rich » 2 May, 2003 12:32 AM

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