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Net profits - Blogging for Dollars

23 September, 2004 11:49 AM

An article in today's the Age caught my attention today. The headline is Net profits: Your don't have to be a dotcom heavyweight to make money on the web.

Its a good article that scratches the surface of what is becoming more and more common for people wanting to make a few dollars on the side. I did a bit of an anecdotal survey a few months back on some of the top, middle and lower bloggers on the blog ecosystem and found that in all categories a significant number of bloggers have some form of income stream (or at least are attempting to have one) on their site - whether that be Ads, Affiliates, Tip Jars or directly selling products.

Of course some say that this is destroying blogging - and there are some examples of some who are selling their souls to make a few dollars - but I suspect it will become more and more common in the future. One of the things I'm toying with as an idea is to form some sort of a co-operative/network of bloggers who want to do some more commercial blogging. One of the hardest things about making a blog a viable source of income is that it can take a lot of time to build your domain's page ranking. To make it worth your time you need to be able to attract significant numbers of readers to your site and that means a high ranking of Google. This is hard to do alone but I suspect if we worked together - sharing a domain and know how it would be a lot easier.

Anyway - just thinking it all through at the moment and would be interested from hearing from anyone who was interested in the experiment.

Back to the article I quoted above - here is a taster:

'Fancy a work-from-home lifestyle or just a little spare cash on the side? The days of the dotcom bonanza are over, but dreams of making money from the internet live on.

Online riches may be just an illusion used to trap the unwary - an inventive array of get-rich-quick schemes, including the infamous Nigerian money scam, will quickly see the gullible fleeced - but for those willing to dabble in less lucrative, albeit legal, ventures, there are modest gains to be made.

Some people sign up for webpage ads, fill out surveys and join online marketing programs. Others turn their trash into treasure on eBay and put PayPal on their websites, hoping for tips and donations.'
Read more at Net profits



I just returned from a mission trip to Kenya, and for various reasons I am now anxious to make a return trip with the same organization next year. That was sooner than I'd intended to hit up my various partners and contributors, and I mentioned to my brother tonight that I need to 1) trust God, and perhaps 2) widen my circle of contributors.

I blog frequently about my mission trips, and my brother's first suggestion tonight was to put a PayPal or Amazon Honor System tip jar on the blog. I haven't made up my mind yet. I might be surprised at the casual visitors who would give me a dollar or two, but then again I might cut myself out of some larger, more conventional donations if the person tips me first.

John Carney » 23 September, 2004 12:58 PM

HI D, thanks for mentioning my new site earlier. Missed a couple of days but now have jumped on it and augmented it.

There was a story in the good weekend that might interest you guys and your discussion here. It was by a commited christian woman who has never married, and at 40 has decided to embrace a 'different' interpretation of the rule against adultery, lest she spend a life as a virgin.

It isn't crass, in fact it's a very sensitive and quite sad tale that is quite thought provoking. How to interpret an age old rule in an era where many people never marry- and some don't even get the choice...

Northcote KNob » 23 September, 2004 3:03 PM

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