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My Personality

13 January, 2004 9:04 AM

I was scrolling through my old posts in my MT back end and I realised that I hadn't hit publish on this one - it had been sitting there as a draft for months. I guess it is right about me being disorderly and not very practical! I'm not so sure about being only 38% relaxed or being so highly rated on Intellectual though.

The Big Five Personality Test
Extroverted|||||||||| 40%
Introverted |||||||||||||| 60%
Friendly |||||||||||||| 58%
Aggressive |||||||||||| 42%
Orderly |||||||||| 34%
Disorderly |||||||||||||||| 66%
Relaxed |||||||||| 38%
Intellectual |||||||||||||||| 68%
Practical |||||||||| 32%
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