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Missional Explorations

12 June, 2003 10:31 AM

At Living Room we're up to week 2 of Ignition. Those of you doing it already will know that as part of the process participants identify a 'Missional Exploration' that they will commit themselves to for 12 weeks while they engage with the book of Acts. The exploration can be whatever you like: members of our group are exploring a wide range of things from groups of friends, to a local neighbourhoods, to a local school.

V and I have decided to try to go to one local community activity every week for the next 12 weeks. The suburb where we live (North Fitzroy) is very community focused and there are no end of regular activities to choose from.Our aim is to meet more locals but also its an observational exercise where we want to begin to understand and become a part of the rhythms of our neighbourhood.

So we're going to be getting out and about - bring on the film nights at the local pub, the African drum lessons, the Spanish classes, the poetry readings, the art exhibitions and the men's conversational club! (I still can't find the website....anyone got any ideas!?)

Last night we went to on our first 'exploration' to the local library for a slide presentation by a guy who has travelled in Morocco (where we'll be travelling in August). Whilst no real opportunities to build relationships with others arose, I did find it very interesting to observe the number of people willing to come out on a cold night to their local library to hear an old guy talk about a holiday he took 10 years ago! The presentation itself wasn't that fantastic, yet about 40 people of all ages and stages of life showed up and seemed to enjoy the gathering.

People are obviously interested going to such evenings to hear stories, experience other cultures and to meet other locals....nothing staggering about that observation I know, but an interesting one to put in the mental filing cabinet as we think about how Living Room will interact with its neighbourhood.



Dude, that's really cool. My wife and I have been talking about this sort of stuff lately. There's so much we could do, so many little things we could experience and enjoy, so many ways we could get to know people in our town. Now we just need to start being creative and get off our butts and go do it...

Jonathan » 13 June, 2003 12:06 AM

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