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Missional Activity

23 July, 2003 11:36 AM

This morning I had to write a report for the BUV (the denomination that Living Room is birthed out of).

The process is a good one. We are one of the first of many (hopefully) experimental new forms of church that the BUV wants to launch in the next few years and as a result the report is not only about keeping us accountable, but also about learning from the process. I guess we're like R & D for our denomination. (I'm wearing my Lab Tech white coat as we speak)

One of the questions in the report was about what ways we've been engaging our community in mission over the past quarter?

When I first dreamt of Living Room I dreamt of a group of people, all living in a local area engaging in a shared missional activity. One possibility was to be working in one of the local housing estates with children. Another possibility was to set up a gallery space. The possibilities were endless but the vision to focus our missional activities in working together on one (or maybe two) combined missional projects.

After four and a half months of meeting together the idea of combined missional activities has rarely been mentioned. Yet the missional activity of this group is perhaps higher than any that I've ever been a part of before.

Every week we hear stories of opportunities for conversation or acts of love that group members have had in their own personal context. God has been at work in the lives of those we work, socialise, study and live with.

Group members are involved in one primary school, one university (two faculties), 7 work places, one homework programs in a housing estate, a swimming group, 5 houses (including a number of shared houses with non churchy types), a local tennis club, an artist studio, teaching religious education in a school....just to name a few missional contexts. Add to that the developing relationships we each have in our day to day running about down the street with cafe owners, librarians, neighbours and shop assistants and the potential to impact our community is overwhelming.

The exciting thing is that the group is not just going to these places, but that they are actively taking the opportunities to serve, speak and love in these places also.

One day we may (or may not) engage in a more formal shared missional activity in our wider community, but in the mean time we've each got plenty to keep us busy!

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