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Mission and Easter

17 April, 2003 1:57 PM

Hiya all. As Darren flagged yesterday I am going to fill in while he and "V" cruise around tassie. He is brave handing this over to me. I hope I am able to create some lively conversation.

As part of some study I am doing, I was reading an article by Harriet Hill who critiques the missionary idealist in her article �Incarnational ministry: a critical examination�. The thrust of her paper is that the demands of incarnation are not realistic and often not appreciated by the recipient culture.

Our Living Room �Easter� reflection on Tues night (see Darren's entries below) on the humanity of Jesus got me thinking anew about this and left me convinced her thesis is a depressing justification for compromise when measured against the Easter story.

In the night before his death in the Garden of Gethsemane Jesus is grappling with how realistic is it for him to fully identify with us. Will I take this on and so separate ultimately from my past, my eternal presence with the Father?

No bugger em' it is just too much....

What if appreciation was his measure of decision? He would have packed it up right then and there. The kind of values Jesus employed in identification were not up for grabs. They were part of his very core and way of relating to us.

If there is no acclaim I am out of here...

Easter gets me pondering Mission. How far am I willing to go in terms of incarnation. Are my principles up for grabs because of the seductive messages of my culture urging me to sell my soul to the material, to self and to lifestyle? Am I after acclaim or am I a follower of Jesus?



Interesting points Rod - Harriet Hill's paper sounds interesting - Incarnational ministry: a critical examination. Why doesn't she 'incarnational' models of mission as realist...? I hadn't thought particularly deeply about Jesus's crucifixion as his full identification with us...I'm going to 'incarnate' that imaginatively and reflectively and see when it takes me in prayer...

Paul » 21 April, 2003 6:17 AM

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