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Meet Pete

8 October, 2004 12:35 AM

Can I introduce you to another Melbourne guy who's exploring what it is to do the communal faith thing in this great city I find myself living in. His name is Pete and he's a guy I've got a lot of time for - although don't end up seeing too much these days. But now I can in a virtual sense because he's blogging. Here's a snippet of his first post describing the community he finds himself in.

"I have been told that we do not really 'worship the Lord' because we don't have music, 'its more a Bible study than a real Church' and I love this one, 'this is a cutting edge church'. To be honest we a group of people trying to understand faith in the context of our homes, workplaces and the greater world we live in. We are not trying to be an amazing new cutting edge venture. Sometimes I would love to fall back into being a charasmatic movement with singing and preaching from the platform and rosters and structure, but that would be far removed from our call and expression as a group of people."

Read more at Rivett: A another new Begining

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