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Me, Myself and I(saiah 5)

6 March, 2003 4:23 PM

Today's passage in Isaiah 5 picks up the familiar themes of Justice and Righteousness. Again the imagery is rich - that of a vineyard that has the potential to produce a great crop but instead produces wild and sour grapes. The consequences are dire.

Its interesting to take a look at the 'sin' of the people in these chapters - I can't recall one mention of sexual sin yet. SO FAR the things that displease God are pride, arrogance, self obsession, oppression, greed, piety and selfishness.

The society of the time seems to be a 'me' focused place. In my reading of the passages - this is what is peeving God off the most. Reminds me so much of today where life is so often about getting oneself ahead - accumulating My own fortune - making sure that I am happy.

I wonder if we in Church sometimes only add to this I-centric attitude? Most of the worship songs we sing are as much about ME as they are about God. Often the preaching resembles a SELF help seminar. I wonder what would a Church that was less in tune with our self obsessed culture and more in tune with God's other obsessed paradigm look like?

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