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Local Focus II

21 May, 2003 9:43 AM

There is some good discussion here a few posts back on the localised focus of church and if its still for today.

I chatted with some of the Living Roomies over dinner last night about it. I guess part of the reason we've come up with the 'bike ride away' 'rule' is that a number of our group choose to ride bikes and not drive cars. Along side of this, we have chosen to meet in each others homes and local cafes - so to lose the local focus would be to run the risk of exluding some.

I can see Steve's point in comments though about how cities now days operate according to the laws of 'the car'. The definition of 'community' changed considerably when people started having the ability to travel quickly and cheaply. Still interested in others thoughts.....its an important conversation.



just do it - the bigger and more regional the better in my experience. If its local you limit the size of your church and therefore limit the size of the kingdom of God. Limiting who can and can't join by location is stupid.

Greg » 21 May, 2003 7:07 PM

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