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LivingRoom Wedding #1

13 December, 2004 8:52 AM

Yesterday was the first LivingRoom wedding. Two of our much loved core group tied the knot in a really beautiful morning ceremony in the sunshine a couple of hours outside of Melbourne. It was a wonderful afternoon - very relaxed - very creative.

As I lay on a picnic rug at during the reception - nibbling on some wonderful organic vegetarian food and having myself a very nice organic beer - I looked around me to see a wonderful example of what community could be. There were 100 or so people there from all different parts of the happy couple's life - LivingRoom people were just one of many groups that included friends from school, previous churches, family etc. It was nice to see different groups connecting throughout the afternoon.

Instead of a sit down reception they decided to have a picnic where people were invited to come dressed 'as you are' - very relaxed. People brought their dogs and kids and sprawled out on picnic rugs and fold up chairs.

People were also given with the invitation to the event a small square piece of card which they were asked to make/draw/create something to represent a small gift for the couple. It was fascinating to see the variety of creative ideas that people brought.

It was a wonderful cruisey afternoon. Bring on some more LivingRoom Weddings - I could certainly do with that kind of afternoon a little more regularly in my life.



Cool Dazzler,
I love doing weddings and making them creative is great. THe other reason though is the not so cruisey stuff. Weddings can bring all sorts of shit up for families and relationships, expectations, hopes fears. In my experience weddings are as much difficult and painful as they are happy occasions. I love doing creative wedding stuff but I also love the pastoral challenge of just trying to hang a community together. I had a wedding last week, not quite so much the picnic, more of a Viet vibe.....check it out on my new blog at the new urbanseed website. www.urbanseed.org
The grooms dad, a Catholic who wasnt even going to come to the non- Catholic/outdoor/hosted by a pseudo-baptist wedding at one stage came and thanked me specially at the end of the day...he has limited English and it was a journey he really didnt have to take. ...big one!
The other was messing with the minds of some of the brides old friends who are hardcore party heads. Some had done an Henri Nouwen reading as part of the ceremony, they invited me over to their table at the reception to talk more about the whole God-thing, very honest chats...they were mostly spun out that the "priest" could hold his own on in their skulling competition.
Lovin that wedding action....good, bad and ugly,

marx kernow » 13 December, 2004 11:13 PM

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