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LivingRoom digs into the News

30 March, 2005 5:42 PM

Tonight at LivingRoom we're going to do something a little different (when don't we) and watch the news together.

Its our 'topical' night and unfortunately the guest we were trying to line up to come and talk to us about abortion can't make it so at the last minute we're switching plans to see what the up to the minute topics of the day are. We'll video tonight's news bulletin from TV and replay it story by story with a pause between each one for a response from the group.

The responses might include any of the following (and more):

We might get stuck on the first story of the bulliten and go no further for the night or we might find its a slow news night and whip through them all really quick (lets hope there are not too many 'firemen rescue kittens stuck up a tree' stories.

The night could go anywhere depending what happened in the world today!



Neat idea... I may have to pilfer it from you sometime! ;)

timsamoff » 31 March, 2005 4:45 AM

Darren, a reader of my blog asked me the following question: "with a community like LivingRoom, which is not exactly mainstream, do you find that most in your community are of a similar political viewpoint, or is there a broad range?"

how would you answer that question?

Kitty » 1 April, 2005 2:05 PM

I think it differs from community to community but in the case of Livingroom I think that most of us have a similar leaning politically - although I'm sure there is diversity on some issues.

On reflection I'd say this is pretty similar to previous main stream churches that I've been a part of too - where traditionally some suburbs or regions are more left, or right and as a result so are those attending the churches in those areas.

I'd say that our group represent the political leanings of the area we live in mainly...

Darren » 1 April, 2005 3:00 PM

Darren, we've sometimes used the ABC program "Compass" in a similar way. It raises some interesting spiritual questions for discussion. I trust you get this show in Melbourne too.

I like your idea, its important to train ourselves in exergeting culture, to learn how to think in sacred ways about secular issues. Far more give and take here than prefabricated examples of life outside the church bubble ... as long as we can avoid the pin-the-tale-on-the-anti-christ style news interpretation so prevalent in some circle.

Matt Stone » 3 April, 2005 7:44 AM

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