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Livingroom Beginnings - Part 2

21 January, 2004 12:45 PM

Felix asks 'How did you start Living Room? Was there already a small core group, or did you go scouting for talent? Practically, how did you get things going?'

There is some overlap on this question to the one Michelle also asked so I won't fully answer it. See the answer to hers for more info.

Here are some additional comments:

In practical terms we started by me spreading the word about the ideas I had of the Living Room. I was interested in gathering local people so I talked to some local ministers, friends and family. Word spread via word of mouth and I soon had a number of people approach me. I met with each for coffee and chats and shared the vision (which was pretty muddy at first). Some were interested others weren't.

We called everyone together early last year had a BBQ. It was like blind speed dating as none of them knew each other at all. Here are my reflections on that first night. Over the next few weeks we got to know each other more and began to .

That was some of the initial things we did. Since then word of mouth is the biggest way of people hearing about us. We haven't promoted ourselves yet in any formal way. My fear in doing so is that we become the latest 'fad' and get overwhelmed by Christian tourists. We are small and rather fragile and an influx of Christians could knock us over.

Hope that answers the question Felix. Happy to answer more!




Darren: if you get a chance to extend the LivingRoom background a little more, I'd like to hear how you perceive the role of leadership (esp. what we commonly call "pastoral" leadership) in this new-church reality. How is it similar to what you've done before? How do you see your role differently?

My thinking on this (and my frustrations with current "models") has been fueled the past couple of days by an article Len (NextReformation) posted and a question that Alan Creech has up for discussion today.

If now's not a good time, I'll nag you about it on another, less tiring day.


Jimmy » 21 January, 2004 1:46 PM

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