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LivingRoom and The Trouble With Paris

21 June, 2007 5:20 PM

DvdOne of the things that LivingRoom has been focussing upon in the last few months is a great new resource produced by three mates of mine here in Melbourne titled The Trouble with Paris.

This DVD based resource is fantastic to helping a small group to explore how to live and make sense of faith in the crazy world that we find ourselves in.

The DVD is designed to work over four weeks and include times of discussion, some amazing video reflections, stories and more.

The Trouble with Paris emerged out of a series of talks that Mark Sayers developed a few years back - the talks were originally titled 'How Paris Hilton Made me a Better Christian' and they were responsible for hundreds of young adults rediscovering faith in pretty profound ways.

Bringing the concepts to video was genius and together with Ben Catford (and amazing young presenter) and Room 3 (a video and graphic design studio) Mark's developed something that I'd highly recommend.

It's perfect for young adults - but would be challenging for both younger (teens) and older adults also.

You can check out four of the clips from the DVD on the view page of their website.

I hope you'll find The Trouble With Paris as useful to your community (and your own life) as we did at LivingRoom.

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