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Livingroom and Growth

21 January, 2004 11:15 PM

Blogathon Entry 82

Tanya asks - 'Your "church" sounds like a great idea, I'm wondering how you reach out to others and if your church works well with small groups? Do you have a limit on numbers (cos wouldn't that go against the evangelistic approach?) and if you have lots of small groups going how are they organized? Or is that the beauty of it, that it isn't an organized structure?'

Ok some of this is covered in previous answers. But here are a few extra comments.

How do we reach out? I guess we've been challenged as a group to think about evangelism as being centered around relationships. We don't have major events or rallies or anything formal — but rather focus on encouraging one another to work on our relationships and friendships. We also don't see evangelism as something that individuals do in isolation but rather it is something that our community does, as a result we are trying to be more involved in each others lives so we know one anothers friends and forming friendships with them also. A lot of our activities happen around 'normal' routines or rhythms of life. So we have parties, meals, picnics, see movies etc.

We don't have a limit on numbers however we are pretty committed to being small. How does that work? Well I suspect that when we get larger we will start another 'livingroom' type group. Rather than grow by adding members into one unit I'd like to see us multiplying but growing and starting new ones. There would be times where all groups would meet together, but primarily church would happen in the smaller groups.

As far as structure goes — we try to have a balance to letting it be organic enough to evolve and grow naturally in whatever direction God might want to take us — but with enough structure to keep us accountable to our core values. This is a challenge but we're doing ok so far.


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