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Living Room Seattle

29 June, 2004 8:31 AM

Wow cool - Living Room has gone international! Ok, its not really connected to us, but I just read on Karen's Blog that their group has started a great cafe called Living Room Seattle. This is the kind of thing I'd love to do someday in our area if we can ever pull in some investors.

Karen describes the ethos of Living Room Seattle writing:

'that is why living:room is not a christian cafe, but a real, regular, cafe. we don't play christian music or serve 'christian' tea. as apostles, we see our mission as, well, apostolic...the word apostolein mean to be >sent out.< because of this, our primary orientation is not inward (towards church) but outward (towards kingdom). so we feel called by god, not to 'live' in the church (run a christian cafe...) but to live in the world (and run a regular cafe) and to >be< church (carry within us christ and the kingdom) and express this in how we live. as gerard kelly writes in his rad book 'retro-future' "the postmodern generations are looking for authenticity, reality, transparency and openness. to that extent, postmodern ity is saying, "don't talk to me about what you believe - show me how you live.' it is entirely biblical- more so at times than the church it savagely critiques.

as we serve tea, we don't preach at people about what we 'believe,' but we do show them how we live. 'preaching' gospel in our deeply post-christian context is less about words spoken, and more about life lived >in the way of jesus< which speaks louder than any words or tract... so our ethos is more st. francis than billy graham, more corner pub than christian cafe, more burning man than cornerstone festival, more monastery guesthouse than sawdust trail... and very sacramental/incarnational, reflecting our anglican/lutheran heritage/tribal d.n.a.'

It really reminds me of Mars Hill Cafe in Sydney who are doing something very similar - creating a proximity space (not a 'Christian Cafe). The approach is going well in Sydney and I'll be interested to see how it goes in Seattle. Now I just have to save some money to go see our Seattle cousins for a coffee.



sounds fantastic. I hope they are giving you guys a percentage of all food and coffee sales for the use of the name! :-)

Alex » 29 June, 2004 11:02 PM

whats so bad about cornerstone festival?

simon » 8 August, 2004 2:43 PM

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