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Living Room Christmas Party

21 December, 2003 9:39 AM

candles.jpgOur 'redemptive party' last night went really well. About 30 friends of Living Room showed up from a variety of different places - some were churched others not.

It was an informal night of great food (V cooked up a storm), good music, interesting conversation, lots of laughter and a chance to reflect upon the birth of Jesus.

We invited people to bring a gift for a child in need. Tonight I'll take about 40 gifts over to an organization who works with refugees, families affected by drug dependancy and homeless people.

We also set up a place on our landing for people to reflect upon Jesus as 'the light of the world' - basically it was a spot to light a candle and read poems/prayers. It was really nice to see people taking time out from the party's center to light a candle.

Lastly we had a series of projected images shot up onto a wall where people walked in that picked up the Christmas story as depicted in art throughout the centuries. It was the thing that seemed to grab peoples attention the most.

I had some great conversations with a number of people on the edges of our community - one of whom has just decided to become a follower of Jesus after years of relationship with two members of the Living Room. Its been really exciting to be able to share some of her walk over the past few weeks since making that decision. Its brought a real life to the group as a whole.

Overall the night was a lot of work - we are very tired this morning - but well worth the effort.

Now....back to the cleaning up process!



You didn't mention the success of the christmas lights...

Luke » 21 December, 2003 4:38 PM

Wow! Sounds like an awesome evening. Thanks for sharing the many ways God is working in your group.

Stacy » 21 December, 2003 11:29 PM

sounds like an awesome evening... did you use real live preacher's christmas story uncut? i know it's not even finished yet, but it has been the most meaningful for me this holiday... that and grid blogging for advent.

lucas » 23 December, 2003 4:42 AM

hi friends,

I have been having computer problems and can only access the net through the local library's public internet at the moment. As a result I cannot post anything, just leave comments here - will try to rectify that soon.

The computer died a couple of nights ago and is in for repairs. Looks like it might cost a bit to get it back ...doh!

oh well.

If I don't blog between now and Christmas (any if anyone reads this) - I hope you all have a great holiday and that its meaningful time for you all.

Darren » 23 December, 2003 4:10 PM

Wow, wish I could have been there. Praying that your computer gets repaired soon.

Karen Haluza » 23 December, 2003 5:50 PM

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