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Liquid Conference - Melbourne

5 August, 2004 5:50 PM

Signposts has just posted about a seminar/conference/gathering to resource people who want to get creative about the cause of the kingdom to be held here in Melbourne next February called:

Liquid - The Integral Mission Conference

They write:

Why Liquid? Three major areas are integral to the practice of Christian mission: * Engaging culture community * Spiritual formation discipleship * Compassionate living social justice

Many missional events focus on just one of these areas without showing how all three are integral. Other events may dip into a couple without addressing the relationships between them. Yet, one or two of these areas alone does not create a faith framework capable of sustaining people into Christian maturity.

Liquid is a missional training event presented by several agencies, churches and organisations who want to encourage a more holistic approach to mission and discipleship in Australia. By uniting these diverse groups with their unique gifts and experience, we can emphasis all three areas and increase our capacity to significantly shape the practice of Christianity in Australia....

It looks really great and will feature the following each day:
- Diverse Workshops
- Real Experiences
- Relational Group Interactions
- Worship

Its going to be held in Melbourne from 9-11 February which is a great time for you emerging/missional church types over seas to come spend a week or so in Melbourne. Also at that time of year is the Forge's First Intensive for the year on 'Paradigms of the Missional Revolution' (not sure of exact date) which would be great to come along to as well.

Head over to Signposts for more info on the 'Liquid' get together.

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