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Lets Talk about Sex - Again

17 November, 2004 12:31 PM

I'm still preparing for an upcoming talk about Sex (it is this Sunday).

Thanks to those who have left their tips and encouragement in the previous post - its not too late to have your say.

One of the themes I'm going to be exploring is 'the messages we hear about Sex' in today's culture and in the church. I'm going to break people into age and gender groups to answer some questions including:

- 'Where and from whom did you first hear about sex?'
- 'What are the messages (both positive and negative) that you hear about Sex from Media and your peer group?
- 'What are the messages you hear about Sex from Church?'

I've done the exercise previously in another setting and the feedback time at the end where groups shared their findings were fascinating. Especially of interest was the difference in answers between generational groups.

The other thing that I found interesting from the exercise last time was that the 'messages' about sex from 'culture' were not all negative. In fact when compared to the list of 'messages' that people from Church there was almost an equal proportion of 'positive' and 'negative' messages from each.

So I thought I'd do the exercise here and open this up for discussion in comments. How do you answer the three questions above? If you feel comfortable to let us know your gender, age (approx is fine) and location then that would be helpful too.




You may not remember me, I was the guy at graceway that was discussing (ahem!) internet connections (ahem!).

Anyway having spent the last year studying Hetero men's views of sex from a critical discursive psychological point of view (just throwing out my credentials! :-)), I have to say the fact you are asking these questions in a church environment is worthy of kudos. The opportunity for people to articulate this sort of stuff together is invaluable, but especially in Christian circles where sex has typically been about repression.

Now I have greased enough... :-) I am potentially doing a series of discussion based slots at graceway using a similar format - would you mind awfully if I stole your questions? I may add to/modify them and i wouldn't want word to get back from mutual friends that I was ripping off your material.

AND if you could break the responses back into broad themes and post/email them I would find that particularly interesting. Sorry that may asking a bit, but if I don't ask.........

Gareth Terry » 18 November, 2004 6:30 AM

I won't answer the questions, BUT may I also add a further question of the usefulness of the different sources people suggest (i.e. which sources play the biggest part in shaping ideas about sex)...

Gareth Terry » 18 November, 2004 6:39 AM

hi darren - there is a bunch of good stuff at Speckmans Semi Organised Scratchings
scroll down a ways

tim » 19 November, 2004 2:12 AM

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