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Lessons from an Emerging Church

17 January, 2003 1:48 PM

Just posted the second part to Phil McCredden's article on Phuture here. If you didn't read the first part read it here. In this article Phil articulates the lessons he learnt in establishing a new form of church here in Melbourne. He reflects upon 11 lessons which are titled as follows.

1. Remember this is Church not a small group
2. A square peg in a round hole
3. Spiritual Practices
4. Make sure there is need and you are not just following a fad
5. Engaging in each others lives
6. Ensure that the leaders facilitate and don't preach
7. Face the inevitable opposition
8. Adapting to the environment
9. Focus on health and not size
10. Never underestimate the power of food to create community
11. There are no boundaries

Of course you're going to have to read it to get the gist for what he's saying - its worth a look! Interested in your thoughts, leave a comment after the article on the site.

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